The PVI Multi-Fold Ramp is the perfect large portable ramp. Designed with the consumer in mind, PVI multi-fold ramps are easy to fold and unfold and safe to use everyday. These portable ramps are covered with   high grade/high tack-rated adhesive-backed non-slip tape. Multi-fold ramps are best used with wheelchairs   or scooters, but are not ideal for use with walkers and canes.

Premium Rubber Threshold Ramp

PVI Multi-Fold Ramp 

PVI Modular XP Ramp

PVI Bariatric Threshold Ramp

The Modular XP Ramp System by PVI provides unique configurations and ease of installation. Made in a range of (pre-made) lengths from 4 ft – 8 ft, these ramps can be combined to create any total length needed. PVI offers the best selection of combinations by being the only one who offers three different turn angles: 45°, 90°, and Switchback turns. 

The PVI Bariatric Threshold Ramp is made of lightweight, durable aluminum and is specifically designed for doorways. Each threshold ramp comes standard with an anti-slip, high-traction surface for added safety. 

These ramps install instantly and attach effortlessly to any surface, including concrete, asphalt, wood, tile, and marble.  This ramp is an environmentally sustainable product as it is produced from 100% recycled tires. Bypass the risk of failure with mechanical fasteners by utilizing a one-piece door transition with molded, mitered ends for an accessable and safe three-sided approach. Additionally, this ramp eliminates the worry of bending or breaking the ramp due to heavy loads since this extremely durable product possesses absolutely no limitations when it comes to weight capacity.