KWIKtrack™ system includes tracks, curves, full room (X-Y) traverse systems, gates, turntables, exchangers and attachment products - modular components that can be combined to create the ideal layout to suit your specific needs.

 Maxi Sky® 2

Maxi Sky® 600

The individual solution for more independence.

The CAESAR - the new pool lift from Barrier Free makes it easy to get in to or out of a swimming pool without assistance.

Resident/patient interface solutions are the key to optimizing care to meet individual needs. The comprehensive range of Maxi Sky 600 accessories provides healthcare facilities with the flexibility to provide optimum solutions for a wide range of different resident/patient requirements and to quickly respond to changing needs.

CAESAR Pool Lift

​The Maxi Sky 2 is always ready to use and with its new software combined with the color display, it proactively informs the care gives the status of the lift.

​​The Maxi Sky® 2 is a ceiling lift in the ever-evolving Maxi Sky® range that further improves the comfort for the patient during a transfer and also provides a more efficient and safe working environment for the care giver.


​​Maxi Sky® 440 is an easy-to-operate portable ceiling lift system that allows a single caregiver to carry out transfers via a handheld control unit, without any stress or strain, and with no manual lifting. Its is easy to maneuver and can quickly be attached to a gantry or track. This portable system can be rapidly set up wherever resident/patient handling is required.

 Maxi Sky® 440



The original UNILIFT offers almost unlimited possibilities and is used successfully worldwide for years. The UNILIFT system consists of various rails, curves, and traverses. It will be mounted on the ceiling or wall, individually according to the given space. The components of Unilift system are expandable and coordinated. Adjustable switches on the ceiling rails enable patients by lift to go into different rooms one floor. 

Care givers are in a position to injure themselves or a patient each time they are required to move someone. Ceiling lifts were created to avoid that risk. Installing a ceiling lift allow a single care giver to move a patient no matter what the situation. A to Z Mobility has permanent or portable installations that can move patients up to 1,000 pounds. Contact us today to discover what configuration would suit your needs.