​​Designed for use in residential and convalescent homes,  and private residences, the Minuet® Community Bed Range provides real solutions for independent living.

​​​​​​State-of-the-art hospital bed for intensive care and high dependency residents/patients.


In clinical use for more than 20 years, Nimbus 4 alternating Mattress Replacement Systems (MRS) have consistently proven to be one of the most efficient, comfortable, and cost effective pressure redistributing mattress replacements, and are used across all care environments from critical and intensive care to nursing or private homecare.

 Nimbus® 4 System

Enterprise® 9000

An advanced Mattress Replacement System with alternating pressure redistribution.

Minuet® Community Bed Range 

​​The Enterprise 9000 bed, with its patented profiling system, integrated weighing scale, bed exit alarm, and under-bed anti-entrapment sensors, has been designed with the resident/patient, caregiver, and facility in mind. It helps facilities deliver the best possible care - efficiently, consistently, and safely.

​​Maintaining the health of a patient requires the appropriate tools and a quality bed is one of them. Today long term care beds offer technology to decrease the chance of injury to patients and care givers by adjusting to the needs of both. Investment in home health care can improve the energy level of the body and refresh the mind of the care giver over long periods of time. Please call us today with any questions you may have about our hospital beds.