Height Adjustable Hygiene Shower Chair

​​The innovative ergonomic design of the Carendo® is highly versatile and also supports better routines for hair washing, pedicure, toileting, dressing, undressing, and changing of incontinence pads.

The Concerto™ can enhance quality of life, by making safe and dignified showering easily accessible to more residents/patients.

​​Height-Adjustable Multipurpose Hygiene Chair.

The Rhapsody Bathing System ensures bathing sessions with a high level of safety and comfort, and is easily adaptable to meet the needs of different care facilities.

 Concerto™ Basic Shower Trolley  

This easy-to-use hygiene chair offers an efficient, safe, and ergonomic solution for assisted showering and other hygiene routines such as hair washing, pedicure, and toileting.


The Carevo® is an innovative hygiene solution for immobile residents/patients. With superior design and an intuitive user interface, the Carevo® sets a new standard in dignified hygiene care.

 Carevo® Shower Trolley  

Washing is the most intimate task a care giver performs. Maintaining the dignity of the patient while avoiding injury is of paramount importance. A to Z Mobility offers several high quality solutions to assist in performing these tasks. Reducing the stress of baths or showers will allow the care giver to provide quality care for years to come.    For additional information please call our specialists now. 

​​​A highly efficient solution for assisted bathing.

 Rhapsody® Bathing System


Parker Bath

​​The Parker® Bath enables an efficient bathing cycle and provides a safe, relaxed bathing environment with maximum benefits for the resident/patient.

Height Adjustable Hygiene Shower Chair

Height Adjustable Hygiene Shower Chair